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Firestorm has appeared in various alternate realities within the DC Multiverse: a gender-reversed version appears in Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer as an inhabitant of Earth-11; a version of the Ronnie Raymond Firestorm appeared in JLA: The Nail, as a captive of Cadmus Labs; Firestork of the Just’a Lotta Animals; a Firestorm of a Justice League 100 years in the future, where Maxwell Lord has plunged humanity into a massive meta-human war appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost, and a merger of Ronnie Raymond and Nathaniel Adam of Earth-37 called Quantum-Storm who was summoned by Monarch in the miniseries Countdown: Arena.

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Firestorm has the ability to rearrange molecular or particle structures of any substance into most anything else, creating different atomic structures of equal mass. He can transmute the basic composition of an object (e.g., transmuting lead into gold) and can also change its shape or form at will. Much like Green Lantern’s limitations, Firestorm can only create items whose workings are understood by the “driver” of the Firestorm Matrix, through he can make more-complex sentient constructs out of the Matrix’s energies. Unlike Green Lantern’s creations, Firestorm’s alterations are permanent unless he reverses them.


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