Limited Edition Super Skrull Mini Bust by Bowen Designs


Limited Edition Super Skrull Mini Bust by Bowen Designs

Released in 2006 and sculpted by Jim Maddox.

This Super Skrull Mini Bust is a limited edition run of only 2500 worldwide. In 2006 Jim Maddox sculpted and released this one very rare Marvel sample of which Bowen Designs only offered a handful.

The Super-Skrull (Real Name: Kl’rt) first shape-shifted his way into the early Marvel Universe in Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #18, in September 1963.

Chosen to be the Skull Empire’s agent of vengeance against The F.F., Kl’rt’s body was augmented with powers replicating those of The Human Torch, The Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, and The Thing, so that he became a virtual Fantastic Four rolled into one!


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Designed By: Bowen Designs
Limited Edition: 2500
Release Year: 2006
Condition: New In Box
Sculptor/s: Jim Maddox
Height: 6 Inches
Weight: TBD
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