Limited Edition Mephisto Mini Bust by Bowen Designs


Limited Edition Mephisto Mini Bust by Bowen Designs

Released in 2005 and sculpted by Thomas Kuntz.

This Mephisto Mini Bust is a limited edition run of only 2000 worldwide.

This one is a very rare Marvel Sample of which Bowen Designs only offered a handful.

Of the countless characters created by Stan Lee, none is more sinister than Mephisto. First seen in December 1968′ Silver Surfer #3, this master of the realm of the dead was repulsed by the Surfer’s purity and honor: “All that you stand for – is abhorrent to the lord of the lower depths!” Unable to corrupt the Silver Surfer’s soul, Mephisto later directed his malevolence toward Thor, the Ghost Rider, and other Super Heroes.

Mephisto regards his fiery, hopeless underworld kingdom as Hell, and many humans have assumed him to be Satan himself. With a horde of demons and grotesqueries at his thrall, Mephisto commands seemingly limitless supernatural powers – including the creation of inter-dimensional doorways, image projection, flight, emission of deadly blasts, and matter exploitation – striving to obtain human souls for his demonic kingdom and his goal of igniting Armageddon.


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Designed By: Bowen Designs
Limited Edition: 2000
Release Year: 2005
Condition: New In Box
Sculptor/s: Thomas Kuntz
Height: 6 Inches
Weight: TBD
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