Limited Edition The Watcher Mini Bust by Bowen Designs


Limited Edition The Watcher Mini Bust by Bowen Designs

Released in 2004 and sculpted by The Kucharek Brothers.

This Watcher is a limited edition run of only 3000 worldwide.

This one is a very rare Artist Proof of which Bowen Designs only offered a handful.

He stands 8 inches tall.

When the Fantastic Four pursued the villainous Red Ghost to the moon in April of 1963, it was then they first met the Watcher, a strange, alien being charged with observing events transpiring on Earth.

Named Uatu, this Watcher was actually one of an ancient race who, for eons, had passively monitored the denizens of myriad solar systems.

“For we Watchers must be ever aloof–ever apart from other races,” Uatu told the Fantastic Four during their initial encounter.

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Designed By:Bowen Designs
Limited Edition:3000
Release Year:2004
Condition:New In Box
Sculptor/s:The Kucharek Brothers
Height:8 Inches
Learn more about:The Watcher