Limited Edition Red Hulk Mini Bust by Bowen Designs


Limited Edition Red Hulk Mini Bust Set by Bowen Designs

Released in 2011 and sculpted by Randy Bowen.

This Red Hulk Mini Bust is a limited edition run of only 700 worldwide.

This one is a very rare Marvel Sample of which Bowen Designs only offered a handful.

The crimson colossus known as the Red Hulk first reared his ruby red head in the pages of the wildly popular Hulk Vol. 2 #1 (March 2008).

By turns calculating and chaotic, the burgundy behemoth made an immediate and indelible impact in the world of his emerald opposite, the Incredible Hulk. Initially, readers on board this rampaging ride found themselves confronted with the mystery of the maroon monster’s identity.

But digging below the scarlet surface revealed that this new Hulk was a master martial strategist and weapons specialist, and only one person in ol’ Greenskin’s long list of antagonists fit that description to a “t”.

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Designed By:Bowen Designs
Limited Edition:700
Release Year:2011
Condition:New In Box
Sculptor/s:Randy Bowen
Height:6 Inches
Learn more about:Thunderbolt Ross