Limited Edition Magneto Mini Bust by Bowen Designs


Limited Edition Magneto Mini Bust by Bowen Designs

Released in 2012 and sculpted by Randy Bowen.

This Magneto is a limited edition run of only 600 worldwide.

Numbered and noted as a very rare Marvel Sample of only which a handful exist.

As if introducing Professor X and his Children of the Atom to the Marvel Universe wasn’t enough, issue #1 of 1963’s X-Men Vol. 1 also presented the premiere villain of mutant-kind to the world as large: Magneto, the Master of Magnetism!

Born Max Elsenhardt (also known as Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, among other aliases), Magneto was born into a German Jewish family in the decade after WWI.

After suffering many hardships during the Nazi rise to power, Elsehardt was captured during the German Invasion of Poland and sent to the Warsaw Ghetto and then to Auschwitz.

It was during this time that the future Magneto witnessed first-hand racial hatred and bigotry, a lesson that would shape his own ethical code reading humanity’s treatment of mutants.

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Designed By: Bowen Designs
Limited Edition: 600
Release Year: 2012
Condition: New In Box
Sculptor/s: Randy Bowen
Height: 8 Inches
Weight: TBD
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